Maker Faire San Mateo 2012

Maker Faire San Mateo was last weekend on May 19 and 20 and a few of us went down there to take part in all the fun.  “What exactly is Maker Faire?” you may ask.  It’s difficult to describe Maker Faire to someone who has never been.  Maker Faire is possibly best described as the greatest show and tell on Earth.  There are a lot of creative people out there and they like to make things.  Maker Faire is a place to bring those things and people together so they can show off their work and become inspired.  It doesn’t matter if the work is electronic, artistic, practical, or virtual.  Maker Faire is a fantastic inspiration and motivator to get others to start making.  That is why we are compelled to bring a bit of the Maker Faire flavor to Eugene.  To help illustrate just what Maker Faire is, here are a few photographs we took at last weeks Maker Faire in San Mateo.


Dr. Who fan? How about a real life Dalek?

Enormous fire sculpture

Enormous fire sculpture. Attendees can press a button that controls one of three flame throwers.

Gigantic robotic face

Attendees could control this gigantic robotic face using a series of switches.

Face control switches.

Face control switches.

Makerbot replicator

This is the Makerbot replicator. It prints 3D objects from your computer out of plastic!

3D printed robots

These small robots were all mostly printed on the 3D printer.

Musical Tesla coils

These large Tesla coils make musical lightning bolts up to 12 feet long!

Lego city

This is a small city made entirely out of Lego.

Real life Wall-E

Real life Wall-E

Angry garden gnomes

Angry garden gnomes

That is just a tiny fraction of what Maker Faire has to offer.  There are so many incredible things to see that have all been made by regular people.  We are excited to bring a taste of Maker Faire to Eugene so we can see what local residents are making.  Do you have something you want to show off?  Do you know someone who makes really cool stuff?  Sign up for a table and show the world how awesome you are!  If not, never fear.  Just show up to the faire and see what others have done.  You are bound to find some inspiration and walk away with a new outlook on the world around you.

Featured Makers: South Eugene Robotics Team

We are very excited to have the South Eugene Robotics Team (SERT) as makers! Founded in 2007, the team competes each year in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a worldwide contest for high school students.

Each year, students design and build robots to complete specific missions with limited materials and a tight time frame. They compete in regional and international matches, including the Autodesk Oregon Regional held in Portland in March.

This year’s competition was entitled “Rebound Rumble,” and required students to create a robot that could shoot basketballs and balance on a platform. You can see a video of SERT’s robot (2521) in action below.

If you’d like to see this amazing robot, and its even more amazing creators, in person, join us for the Eugene Mini Maker Faire on June 16th at the Science Factory!

Maker Faire is everywhere!

Maker Faire Shenzhen, April 2012. Photo: maltman23/Flickr.

While we here in Eugene are very proud of our local community of do-it-yourself-ers (and we’ll be featuring them on this site soon!), it’s worth pointing out that our Maker Faire is part of something much bigger.

In the past month alone, there have been Mini Maker Faires in Shenzhen, China; Minneapolis; Urbana, Illinois; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chicago; Burlington, North Carolina; Westport, Connecticut; and Lubbock, Texas. In just a few weeks, the Maker Faire Bay Area will attract tens of thousands of visitors. And our neighbors in Seattle and Poulsbo, Washington will have Maker Faires of their own in June, along with international Maker Faires in Seoul and Derby.

By being part of the Eugene Mini Maker Faire, you’re joining not only the local makers, but a truly worldwide movement of creativity, ingenuity, science, and art. Sign up today to be an exhibitor, or attend the faire on June 16th!

Just what is a Maker Faire, anyway?

If you want to see what a Maker Faire is all about, the next best thing to attending a Maker Faire is to watch this short video produced at last year’s Toronto Mini Maker Faire. If this video inspires you, apply to be a maker here in Eugene!

Makers: Mini Maker Faire Toronto from Ryan Varga on Vimeo.


Welcome to the still-under-construction-so-pardon-the-sawdust website of the Eugene Mini Maker Faire! We will be updating the site in the coming weeks with more information on attending the faire (June 16th at the Science Factory), featured makers, and more. Until then, check out the worldwide home of Maker Faire for more information on all things Maker Faire.

If you’re a maker, our application is now open! If you’d like to join us for the inaugural Eugene Mini Maker Faire, please fill out the application by May 11. You may e-mail us with any questions.