Are YOU a Maker?

We’re looking for hackers, tinkerers, hobbyists, builders, artists, crafters, and do-it-yourself-ers of ALL types to participate in the 2014 Eugene Mini Maker Faire. Fill out our online application to let us know you’re interested in showing off your project.

Just who are makers, anyway? If you believe in doing it yourself (whatever “it” is), you’re a maker! Makers come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Their projects can range from traditional crafts (woodworking, knitting/crocheting, food preparation/preservation) to modern technological hobbies (robotics, electronics, Arduino, 3D-printing), and often combine the old and the new. Maker projects can be artistic statements, practical gadgets, or both. There are many more ways to define makers, but the great part about makers is that they often defy categorization altogether.

Examples of those who participated in last year’s Eugene Mini Maker Faire include a model rocketry club, a high school robotics team, a builder of custom electric bicycles, a steampunk artist, a DIY bio lab startup space, a grandfather-and-grandson woodworking team, and an Arduino-powered musical instrument.

Read more about being a maker from the Maker Faire website. Still not sure if you qualify? E-mail us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your project.

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  4. I displayed at San Mateo and Seattle, I live here in Eugene and would like to participate in your upcoming show.

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