Tiny copters, giant slingshots

IMG_20140527_201918_991I went down to Eugene Maker Space last week on their Open Hack Night and got a small (very small!) preview of what they’re planning for the Faire. Piotr is an EMS member and proprietor of 1 Bit Squared, a company that makes UAVs (sometimes known as “quad copters” or “drones”) — and makes them as small as possible. His latest project, shown above, is quite possibly the smallest and lightest UAV currently available anywhere. And you’ll be able to see it right here in Eugene this Saturday!

TrophyShotIf tiny flying machines aren’t your thing, how about giant projectile launchers? Last fall, if you were lucky enough to be at the Eugene Maker Space first annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ contest at the Science Factory, you would have seen Team LEO, whose three-pronged slingshot sent a 2-pound pumpkin almost 400 feet across our front lawn! I’m thrilled to announce that Team LEO will be back on Saturday, launching… well, we’re not quite sure yet, since pumpkins aren’t in season. But I’m sure they will come up with some fun projectiles to fling.

There will be lots more from EMS, including sewing projects, a solar tracker, an air track, and much more. And that doesn’t even include all of the other makers who are bringing their projects to share! So what are you waiting for? Tickets are on sale online until Friday!

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