Stunned silence


For those of you watching this blog closely, I hope you haven’t been hitting your browser’s refresh button obsessively over the past few days, waiting for my Maker Faire Bay Area recap. I had every intention of doing a weekend wrap-up as soon as possible after the weekend was over.

This is, actually, as soon as possible for me. It’s taken a few days to digest everything that I saw, heard, and did. I knew that Maker Faire was big. I didn’t quite anticipate how very overwhelming it would be.

Not overwhelming in a bad way, mind you.

Overwhelming in a larger-than-life-game-of-Mouse-Trap kind of way.

Overwhelming in a synchronized-dancing-robot-minion-army kind of way.

Overwhelming in a pancake-printing-robot-made-of-legos kind of way.

I think you get the idea.

(Okay, one more: overwhelming in a preschoolers-on-a-pressure-sensitive-light-up-dance-floor kind of way!)

I am in awe of all of the amazing projects on display by kids and adults of all ages. I was thrilled with the enthusiasm that every last one of the makers displayed in talking to the public about their projects — passion for making is contagious! I saw kids intensely engaged with projects and exhibits in ways that many teachers and parents wouldn’t think possible. It was the type of learning that I want to see happen every day at the Science Factory.

While I can’t promise a giant pyrotechnic octopus, I can assure you that our own Eugene Mini Maker Faire will do its best to live up to the name. And because we’ll have slightly less than the 900 makers of the Bay Area Faire, I’m certain that it will not be quite so overwhelming — but I hope just as inspiring! Stay tuned over the next few days for a complete list of our makers and their projects, as well as information on advance ticket sales!

One Response to Stunned silence

  1. We just went to the Maker’s Faire down in San Mateo on May 17th, is was amazing!!! Never saw so much ingenuity in my life! Looking forward to our mini-maker faire here in Eugene.