Maker Faire possibilities

BnywBBqIYAAdPpKToday’s Mini Maker Faire Producers’ meetup was very different sort of program than yesterday’s program. There was much more listening and much less “making.” Of course, there was a TON of making going on around us, as preparations were in full swing for Maker Faire Bay Area all around us at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds.

I had the chance to meet Mini Maker Faire producers from more than a dozen locations around the world, from the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, North Carolina, Calgary, and even some potential producers in Mexico and Guatemala. I learned a lot from talking to the producers of these larger “Mini” Faires — ones that draw four or five thousand visitors over a weekend. When the Eugene Faire looks like that someday (and it will!), I will have the benefit of the other producers’ experiences to draw on.

I’m sure I’ll have much more to share after the weekend event is over, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few of the preview exhibits that we were able to watch as they were tested. The giraffe had some pretty cool moves…

…But the octopus had fire, so I think the octopus wins. Can’t wait for tomorrow!image (1)

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