Your Annual Robotics Update

It’s been a great year for the South Eugene Robotics Team! You may remember them from previous Maker Faires… in 2012, their robot shot basketballs, and in 2013 it threw frisbees and climbed scaffolding. This year’s competition… well, it’s tricky to describe, but it involved the robots passing a giant ball among their teammates and scoring goals. It’s quite amazing to watch!

On March 21, SERT went to Wilsonville for their first district event of the season, and for the first time in the team’s history, they made it all the way to the final round! You can watch the second half of the two-match final below:

They followed up this performance with an impressive fourth-place finish at the Oregon State district event. All of this adds up to a ranking of 20th in the Pacific Northwest Region, and an invitation to the regional tournament in Portland this week! Congratulations to SERT on a great season thus far, and best of luck in Portland!

SERT isn’t the only local team that has had success in the robotics arena. The teams from Pleasant Hill High School and Junction City High School compete in the First Tech Challenge, a league that consists of smaller teams building smaller robots — this year, robots that can pick up and place blocks in a pendulum goal, among other things. Here’s Pleasant Hill in action:

The Gromit’s Grommets from Pleasant Hill had a spectacular season and placed first in this year’s state tournament. Both Pleasant Hill and Junction City attended the first-ever FTC West super-regional championship in Sacramento last month. 72 teams from 12 states competed in the tournament. Congrats to all of our local schools on a great season!

And if you want to see these robots in action, make sure to attend the Eugene Mini Maker Faire just two months from today! SERT and Pleasant Hill will both be represented, and we hope to see other teams as well.

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