Squishy Circuits at the Science Factory

The Science Factory is thrilled to be hosting so many makers from around the Northwest this Saturday. But we’re bringing out some maker activities of our own, too! We’ve already mentioned the role that making plays in our educational philosophy, and we think that the Eugene Mini Maker Faire is the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our favorite building and tinkering activities.

One of our big hits has been “squishy circuits,” an idea we first heard about from a TED Talk by AnnMarie Thomas. (AnnMarie is currently the executive director of the Maker Education Initiative.) Starting with the simple insight that Play-Doh conducts electricity, she and her colleagues developed a series of lesson plans that teach kids about electric circuits in a way that is fun, open-ended, and engaging — because who doesn’t like playing with Play-Doh?

We will have a table of squishy circuits at the Eugene Mini Maker Faire so that kids (and kids at heart!) can come up with their own creative circuit sculptures. You’ll be able to check out some of our fun hands-on exhibits, too, and even get tickets to a show in our Exploration Dome! All that, plus our jam-packed maker lineup, makes this an event you won’t want to miss. Advance tickets are available until tomorrow night.

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