Featured Makers: South Eugene Robotics Team

One of our audience favorites from last year’s Faire was the basketball-shooting robot built by the South Eugene Robotics Team. We are thrilled that SERT will join us once again, this time with a whole new robot in action… one that throws frisbees! And in case that isn’t enough to impress you, it can also climb a scaffold. The climbing action is hard to see in the video above, but check out the match below for some real acrobatics!

SERT built their robot to compete in “Ultimate Ascent,” the 2013 edition of the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. In this program, high school students from around the world build robots to compete in regional, national, and international competitions. This year’s Autodesk Oregon Regional was held in Portland March 6-9. SERT competed against over 50 other teams from all over Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

FIRST has been working for over a decade to inspire young makers with robotics programs for all ages. Now that their competition season is over, SERT looks forward to the chance to share their work with an audience of young and old alike. At the Eugene Mini Maker Faire, we hope that you’ll be inspired by the amazing work of these high school students!

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