Why We Make

Last year’s keynote speaker at Maker Faire Bay Area was Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters. In a lively talk filled with personal stories from his past, Adam explained why he is passionate about making things, and why it is essential that we all participate in a culture of making.

I really enjoyed the way that Adam approached the question of making something truly new versus making “what pop culture feeds you.” I think that we often define “creativity” too narrowly, leading us to put too much value on the products of creating and not enough on the process. The act of making “what you can’t not make” is an extremely valuable learning experience, even if the end product originally came from someone else’s imagination.

Adam Savage and his mythbusting partner Jamie Hyneman will bring their live show to Eugene this March. Tickets are on sale now, and your Mythbusters tour tickets will get you a discount on admission to the Eugene Mini Maker Faire. If you’re excited about Adam and Jamie, we hope you’ll be just as excited to see how our local community is carrying out Adam’s vision of “a generational shift back to making.” And if you’re really inspired by Adam, maybe you’ll consider making something of your own to show off at our faire!

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