Featured Makers: OregonRocketry and Eugene Rocketry

We’re thrilled to have OregonRocketry (OROC) and Eugene Rocketry (EUROC) participate in the Eugene Mini Maker Faire! Since 2002, OROC has invited model rocket builders from all over Oregon to build rockets, participate in launches, and share their rockets with each other and the public. EUROC was recently founded to accommodate rocketry interest in the Eugene area. Both organizations are chapters of the National Association of Rocketry.

The video above shows EUROC’s most recent monthly Launch Party. It looks like they had a great time! If you’d like to join EUROC for their next launch (June 17th, the day after Maker Faire!), check out their website or come meet them at the Maker Faire.

And for something REALLY spectacular… Gary, one of the members of EUROC, recently carried out a high-powered launch at OROC’s launch site in Brothers. Here’s the video… from the rocket’s perspective!

As you can see, these rockets are not just toys… some of them can fly tens of thousands of feet into the air! You’ll get to see some of these rockets up close at the Eugene Mini Maker Faire, and talk to their makers! Get your advance tickets now or join us at the Science Factory on June 16th!

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