Maker Faire is everywhere!

Maker Faire Shenzhen, April 2012. Photo: maltman23/Flickr.

While we here in Eugene are very proud of our local community of do-it-yourself-ers (and we’ll be featuring them on this site soon!), it’s worth pointing out that our Maker Faire is part of something much bigger.

In the past month alone, there have been Mini Maker Faires in Shenzhen, China; Minneapolis; Urbana, Illinois; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chicago; Burlington, North Carolina; Westport, Connecticut; and Lubbock, Texas. In just a few weeks, the Maker Faire Bay Area will attract tens of thousands of visitors. And our neighbors in Seattle and Poulsbo, Washington will have Maker Faires of their own in June, along with international Maker Faires in Seoul and Derby.

By being part of the Eugene Mini Maker Faire, you’re joining not only the local makers, but a truly worldwide movement of creativity, ingenuity, science, and art. Sign up today to be an exhibitor, or attend the faire on June 16th!

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